Office Coffee

High Point at the Office

Is your office in Mississipi? Call 662-234-9942. We’re here to bring you quality coffee and customer service.

Let your employees and customers know they are appreciated everyday by saying YES to the High Point Office Coffee Program. We will set-up your office coffee service (once we have your program requests) and will continue to inventory and stock your coffee supplies for you.

High Point’s office coffee program offers flexible pricing based on your customized selections. Plus, we provide FREE cafe quality brewers, FREE installation and FREE delivery of our products.  Easy ordering by phone or e-mail,  whichever is most convenient for you.

High Point Office Coffee offers the superb High Point Blends, but we provide many different brands and specialty coffees. We are a one-stop shop prepared to supply you with all coffee condiments, coffee alternatives and coffee service supplies your office may need.

Call today to find out how to receive 100 cups of FREE coffee!

Please contact:

Rich Thomas, Head Coffee Guy
100 Commerce Drive, Unit C
Oxford, MS 38655
Office: (662) 234-9942